Turnaround and Transformation

Jenesis venture management services


We advise clients on turnaround strategies to revive organisational performance through an assessment of corporate objectives, competences and operational design. Our advice is based on practical experience and focuses on harnessing people, information and technology. 


Jenesis has advised several clients on successful turnaround and transformation strategies. For example, we

  • Advised a fixed and mobile operator in Sri Lanka to quantify the benefits of undertaking a company-wide Transformation Program, boost its sales channel effectiveness and establish a mechanism for estimating the value of a customer relationship
    • Developed a detailed business case showing impact of Transformation Programme on P&L, cashflow and market capitalisation of the Operator
    • Developed appropriate channel strategy and introduced Customer Lifetime Value and ROI management concepts to instil commercial discipline into the marketing decision-making process
  • Conducted a financial viability assessment of a struggling mobile operator in the Middle East as part of a wider due diligence of the business
    • Developed a turnaround plan in conjunction with sales, marketing, HR and technical experts to assist with refinancing of the operator

Knowledge Transfer and Training

Jenesis venture management services



We provide on-line and workshop-based educational programs including strategic management, services marketing, ICT regulation, decision support tools and management and entrepreneur courses.


Jenesis has conducted training courses and knowledge transfer programs for various Clients, including

  • Developed and delivered a week long course for ASEAN secretariat on telecoms regulation, private public partnerships and broadband strategies
  • Delivered presentations in Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Wuhan to Chinese ICT companies on how to develop a business plan, conduct market research and develop market entry strategies for overseas markets
  • Delivered a training course for ICT professionals on building business cases and supporting financial models for conducting NPV, IRR, ROI analysis on investment opportunities

  TRPC course brochure

  • Developed and presented  to senior officials on attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), at the annual International Telecommunications Union (ITU) conferences
    • Delivered one day workshop at the annual ITU conference held in Bangkok, November 2013
    • Delivered an ‘investment MasterClass’ and 1:1 consultations with delegates at the annual ITU conference in Doha, December 2014

Extract of material presented at the investment MasterClass

Interim Management

Jenesis venture management services




We provide clients with experienced senior level executives to fill specific roles for a defined period of time.


For example, Jenesis has

  • Placed Project Directors to lead and co-ordinate cross-functional staff and activities for large, complex projects such as turnaround programs, post acquisition integration, IT systems implementation, etc.
  • Assisted clients in their search for candidates for various executive and specialist positions in the ICT sector
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