Smart Cities 

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Jenesis was engaged by the EU–China Policy Dialogues Facility to develop a comparative report on selected smart cities in the European Union and China

  • The “Comparative Study of Smart Cities in Europe and China” examines smart city trends and developments from a global, China and EU perspective. Information captured from 15 EU and 15 Chinese pilot smart cities enabled the researchers to identify key trends, “good practice” examples and understand specific challenges for the pilot smart cities. The report contains some recommendations that are presented in terms of a roadmap for continuous improvement for smart cities to advance to the “state-of-the-art” level of maturity.

Download the “Comparative Study of Smart Cities in Europe and China” report.

  • The White Paper  provides a summary of the key findings and recommendations of the “Comparative Study of Smart Cities in Europe and China” report.

Download the White Paper.


Attracting Investors

Jenesis reports and presentations


Jenesis provides tailored training programmes for organisations seeking investment.

The International Telecoms Union (ITU) has  engaged Jenesis to develop and present workshops to senior officials on attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), at their annual ITU conferences. At these workshops Jenesis provided delegates from various countries with insights for successfully attracting FDI into their countries for ICT-related projects and leveraging existing investors to attract new capital.

An  extract of  the ‘Investment Master Class’ from the annual ITU conference in Doha, December 2014 can be downloaded here.


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